St Giles Park

St. Giles Park


St Giles Park, Wimborne St Giles, Dorset


Lord Shaftesbury


Home to Lord Shaftesbury this estate has a rich and varied history. It lies deep in the Dorset countryside surrounded by a beech belt and with a beech avenue that dates from the 17th century. It has a complex designed landscape history that originated largely in the mid 17th century. Chris Burnett Associates and Janette Ray were commissioned to prepare an HLS Parkland plan for the estate in 2010 assisted by a team of archaeologists, ecologists and hydrologists. The plan is now complete and was accepted by Natural England and English Heritage. A full programme of landscape restoration is now underway and CBA are project managing a comprehensive overhaul of the hydrological system of the park involving culvert repair and creation, canal and lake desilting and river restoration through to completion on the ground.

I would like to add that, in my opinion, you and your team have produced an excellent report. The proposals combine a vision for the park with a more down-to-earth pragmatism, exactly as one would wish. The restoration of the park is a hugely exciting project and I look forward to seeing it implemented.

Kim Auston, Landscape Architect English Heritage (Western Territory)

photo before

photo after

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