Grosvenor Park

Grosvenor Park


Grosvenor Park, Chester


Chester City Council


In 2006 Chris Burnett Associates were commissioned to prepare a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for Chester City Council’s Grosvenor Park, Chester’s largest and most well known Victorian park in the heart of the city under the auspices of the HLF’s Parks for People programme. The plan extended to the Groves adjacent to the River Dee and took into account the Saxon ruins of St Johns church. A full programme of consultation based on a workshop approach with officers of the council, relevant public bodies and interested members of the public successfully helped to mold policies for the park and allowed Chester City Council to develop a fully costed £3million Masterplan. An arts initiative, devised colleagues of CBA, was also used to reach the less accessible audiences. A gazetteer and outline maintenance plan were also parts of the overall CMP.


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